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3 Idols (50" x 50" x 12") $3,500

3 Idols (50" x 50" x 12") $3,500

Macey Center, Socorro, NM

1.a. An image used as an object of worship
b. a false god.
2. One that is adored, often blindly or excessively.
3. Something visible but without substance.
(Middle English, from Old French idole, from Late Latin idolum, from Greek eidoion, phantom, idol, from eidos, form)

This modernistic icon gives tribute to three themes which highlight every form of media in modern culture: money, sex, and violence. For better or for worse, humans are constantly motivated by these three issues.

The design is a collage of shapes including the top of a slot machine, a pair of giant breasts with lucky horse shoes and burlesque tassels, two hand guns, and the front of a Rolls Royce. Looking close you see the head lights are made of things we use to wake up with: an aluminum coffee maker, and a shower head. Behind the grill, which is visually very much like jail bars, are the myriad of little things we need to slip through life, that may also get lost in the seat cracks and waste hours of our precious time being searched for: credit card, social security number, stamps, money, keys, a condom, and more.
Finally, the bumper has a red white and blue stars and stripes licensee plate which says, "LOVE-IT" with a lucky charm bracelet dangling underneath.

Every aspect of this piece may have dual interpretations: positive and playful, or negative and violent. Individual responsibility and point of view are key. Symbolically, a smaller second set of head lights on top of the licensee plate are actually mirrors. Their angle may be adjusted, and one is magnifying, so depending on your point of view, you may or may not notice your reflection in the piece. Looking close, you may see yourself distorted, upside down, or magnified above the bold message: LOVE-IT.

Materials Used:

slot machine: embroidered slots with real gambling chips, mini alcohol bottle on top.
guns: men's neck tie and suit materials, clothing labels, sweep steaks mailer, reflector, misc. electrical
headlights: shower head, coffee maker, food strainer, clear tube with news headlines inside, plastic wrap, aluminum beer can.
grill: individual bars made of men's neck ties, embroidered butterfly on one; inside: sunglasses, address book, lady's compact, wallet, stamps, credit card, social security card, comb, keys, condom, embroidered coin purse, money, receipts.
bumper: fork, knife, ladies stocking garters, hair curlers, Champaign cork wire, shoe horn, pieces of jewelry, watch, cigarette lighter, nail file, church key bottle opener, aluminum can pop top, miscellaneous shiny squished metal street trash, toy plastic butterfly on wheels, LOVE-IT license plate, charm bracelet.