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01. Money Talks (66' x 127" x12") $15,000

01. Money Talks (66' x 127" x12")  $15,000

kcmo crossroads district

The American Dollar is one of the most powerful things in the world. A single dollar bill is something that can literally be found in every American household, and many more throughout the world. We use it everyday, yet how many of us really know what it looks like? How many really understand its potential and make the most of its value? This dollar is made of typically American household items. Though we may not recognize them at first, these things can be found in most of our homes.

George Washington wearing head phones is symbolic of the fact that as a politician and a humanitarian, he was amazingly 'in tune with the times', both his, and ours. Speakers behind the 'ones' reflect the idea that 'money talks'. Around the portrait is a green garden hose. Above is a string of Girl Scout beads, a braid of black garbage bags, and the plastic ruffle from around a mirror in a small cosmetic suitcase. Among the leave designs at the base are a plastic cow and horse representing the great western planes. A shamrock broach, and a small plastic card with Middle Eastern lettering signify the saying, "America is the melting pot of the world". The 'L' series stamp is circled with steel wool and a zipper from the pants of a Vietnam War veteran. The serial number on the upper right has one letter backwards because nothing can ever be perfect, like the finest of Native American and Oriental rugs, which always have a little hidden flaw. The metal wire loops on the bottom border are the secret to many living room drapes; they make what are called 'beauty pleats'. Around one of the 'ones' is a telephone cord and a group of green toy army figures. One of the dark leaves on the outer boarder is a broken 45 record with the label "Soulful Strut".

The piece is intended to be both humorous and thought provoking. It invites the viewer to take a closer look at the familiar and challenges the ability to recognize things seen out of their normal context.

The entire piece is sewn together. It is covered in a heavy vinyl and quilted to a wire mesh so that it has a flexible, crinkled looking shape. The vinyl has two purposes. It is symbolic of the concept of 'plastic money', and protects the piece from inquisitive fingers.

Materials Used:
old curtains
tennis ball
indoor out door carpet
carpet padding
patent leather
steel wool
window screen
misc. jewelry
misc. toys including:
cars, animals, army men
washing machine seal
head phones
black lace underwear
American Express credit card
six pack holder
trash bag
electrical wire
carpet protector
plastic grenade from a fire cracker
telephone cord
foam padding